Annadale – Staten Island – NY


Annadale is a middle-class neighborhood located on The South Shore of Staten Island. As per WIKIPEDIA ™, Annadale received its name from Anna Seguine, a descendant of French Huguenots who was among the South Shore’s earliest settlers; this settlement is also responsible for the neighborhood immediately to the southwest of Annadale being named Huguenot. The Seguine family also lends its name to Seguine Ave, the principal north-south thoroughfare on the east side of Prince’s Bay, the next neighborhood southwest of Huguenot.

Annadale is an excellent neighborhood to move to. It is safe and close to the Korean Veterans Parkway and Route 440. It is zoned for Tottenville High School. There are a few elementary schools that your child may attend, depending on where you live. There is P.S. 55, P.S. 5 & P.S. 36, and I.S. 7 & I.S. 75 for middle school.

There is a lovely town center for the neighborhood with its train station. You can also find The Curly Wolf Saloon, The Pizza Parlor, La Fontana Sorellena, Annadale Terrace, Ocean Sushi & more. You can also find Blue Heron Park located in the area as well.