Meiers Corners, Staten Island Neighborhood 10314

Meiers Corners is an interesting area that is often confused as other neighborhoods such as Westerleigh or even Willowbrook. I have been guilty of the latter. As per WIKIPEDIA ™, the area is named for a prominent 19th Century Dutch resident named Joachim Meier, who lived at the Martling-Cozine house. This was one of the oldest private homes still standing on Staten Island until it was demolished in 1981. The house stood near the corner of Watchogue Road and Bradley Ave.

This neighborhood, in particular, is filled with beautiful detached homes. Many of these homes are Colonial or Cape style homes that were built well over 50 years. You are close to one of my favorite bakeries in all the land, Alfonso’s Bakery, where you can get delicious cakes, cookies, and pastries. Let’s not forget their FAMOUS 7-Layer Rainbow Cookies! And right down the street are two of our favorite pizza places, Joe & Pats, and Round Pie.


In this neighborhood, you’re extremely close to the Staten Island Expressway, which takes you into Brooklyn over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

Meiers Corners, Staten Island

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