New Dorp, Staten Island Neighborhood 10306

New Dorp is a large neighborhood located on the East Shore in Staten Island Expressway.  As per WIKIPEDIA ™, the area was founded in 1671 following the English resurveying the pre-existing Dutch settlement of Oude Dorp (now Old Town) and expanded the lots along the South Shore, which were then settled primarily by Dutch families.  The new lots became known as Nieuwe Dorp (meaning “New Village”) in contrast with Oude Dorp.  It eventually became anglicized as New Dorp.

New Dorp is an area of Staten Island that has undergone lots of change over the years.  Some numerous shops and restaurants have popped up over the years.  Between New Dorp Lane and Hylan Blvd, there is nothing that you cannot find to eat.  One of the most convenient aspects of New Dorp is that the Staten Island Rail Way services it by the MTA.  Miller Field is also in the neighborhood, which used to be the old “Vanderbilt Farm.”

New Dorp is not too far from the local Staten Island Beaches. You have Midland Beach and South Beach that overlook Brooklyn. The boardwalk is approximately 2.5 miles long, which many people frequent to ride bikes, jog, and exercise.