Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Point Pleasant Beach NJ
If you're from New Jersey, Philly, or the 5 Boroughs of NYC, you may have been to PPB or know about it.  It is a charming shore town that is highly popular among locals and non-locals.  I have been here numerous times, showing properties, enjoying my free time at the beach, going to Jenkinson's, enjoying the boardwalk, and enjoying the many fantastic restaurants & bars that they have to offer.
One of my absolute favorite places to eat is JOE LEONES.  It is a local Italian Deli that sells fresh everything, hot food, deli cold cuts, freshly made sandwiches, cookies and bread, Italian specialty drinks and foods...
My favorite sandwich to get from here is the Chicken Cutlet w/ Fresh MOOOOOOOZZZZZZZZ, tomato, lettuce, roasted red peppers, balsamic glaze & grilled vegetables on Semolina with Sesame seeds.  Make sure you also pick up the chocolate sandwich cookies!  And in case you need fine wines or good libations, the Wine Outlet is right across the parking from Joe Leone's!