Emerson Hill, Staten Island Neighborhood 10304

Emerson Hill is a small hillside neighborhood right along the Staten Island Expressway. There are several beautiful estates and mansions in this section of Staten Island. As per WIKIPEDIA ™, the area named for Judge William Emerson, who was the oldest brother of Ralph Waldo Emerson, who lived with his wife, Susan, and children, William, Haven, and Charles, in a long brown shingle house known as “The Snuggery.” Another interesting fact is that two large mock Tudor homes at the end of Longfellow Ave used as Casa Corleone for the filming of The Godfather.

This neighborhood, located in the hills, is secluded from the rest of the borough. There are only a handful of roads that can get you to this area—some of the homes gated with lots of privacy. If an exclusive, private and luxurious neighborhood is what you’re looking for, this is one of the areas which should be on your list!

You will see incredible views of lower New York Bay as well as the Verrazano Narrow’s Bridge from some of these properties.


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